Special frames for sports halls

Special frames for sports halls THZ

rema THZ steel frame was originally designed specifically for use in sports centres and sports halls. It is designed for flush mount on the inside to allow an opening of the door outwards.

The usage of model rema THZ outreaches now the contexts of sports facilities. Where in first instance it stood for safety reasons, it stands now for a flexible scope of design. It does not matter whether the walls are finished or still under construction, or of variable thickness: the many profiles and mounting systems on offer allows finding the right solution you are looking for.

Profile adjustments and special sizes are in fact our speciality.

  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection
  • Available for soundproofing systems and radiation protection
  • Suitable for combination with door leaves complying with DIN-Norm or Ö-Norm
  • Can be adapted to comply the regulations of any country
  • Special sizes available as standard
  • Fully welded mitre joints for superior quality
  • Also available as a 6-part solution for ease of export

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