2-part steel frame with adjustable wall thickness


Model rema TELESCOP is a frame with an adjustable wall thickness (tolerance compensation) for installation on a finished wall. Especially the wall thicknesses of old buildings in particular may vary considerably.

rema TELESCOP is the perfect solution for a wide range of wall thicknesses not detracting from the advantages of a traditional 2-part frame. The significant adjustment range of -5 to +20mm ensures smooth installation without the need for additional crafts or manual labour.

The issue of Flexibility: for rema, no size is impossible.

  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection
  • Available for soundproofing systems and radiation protection
  • Suitable for combination with door leaves complying with DIN-Norm or Ö-Norm
  • Can be adapted to comply the regulations of any country
  • Special sizes available as standard
  • Fully welded mitre joints for superior quality
  • Also available as a 6-part solution for ease of export

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