Colours & Materials

RAL colour chart

RAL colour chart

Our raw materials an essential point of our business and that is why we collaborate closely with our suppliers and subcontractors. We use quality steels produced by leading European companies.

Our modern machinery allows us to meet your requests with the utmost flexibility. Our variety of profiles are made with 1.5mm to 2.0mm galvanised steel with enhanced surface properties (in compliance with DIN EN 10346), or with stainless steel Aisi 304 (in compliance with DIN EN 10088) and stainless steel Aisi 316 (in compliance with DIN EN 10088).

Powder coating

From elegant, refined and simple to bold and multicoloured. The aesthetic requirements of modern steel frames apply not only to the profiles but also to the colour scheme. rema has in fact provided a top quality surface powder coating for over thirty years now, offering many different shades of colour and types of finish.

As far as colour range, the point of reference of rema standards is the RAL Classic colour schedule with smooth/matt surfaces. All other finishes (matt/gloss, fine texture/matt,…) and shades of colour (Perl RAL, RAL Design, NCS,…) are also available on request. Primed frames are always coated with a smooth/matt finish according to RAL 9010 and are therefore suitable for the application of a finish painting on site using commercially available products.

The many advantages of a final powder coating are obvious and are reflected in a increasing share in the market.

  • Optimum pre-treatment before the process of coating, to ensure long-lasting adhesion and perfect surface finishes
  • Cost and time savings due to the elimination of the sites painting process
  • Different finishes available
  • Installation on finished wall recommended; possibility of installation together with door leaf during final assembly

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