Fanlights / Sidelights

Fanlights and Sidelights

Rooms and corridors as light as possible are a key aspect of contemporary architecture. rema‘s steel frames with fanlights and sidelights enable you to achieve this.

Almost all of the rema´s steel frame can be fitted with fanlights and sidelights, thereby the execution has limitless scope for design. Fanlight, Sighlight, fan-and sightlight, double sidelights with fanlight, and other combinations besides – virtually anything can be achieved! The many glazing bead arrangements make it possible to incorporate all manner of glazes and creates truly unique designs.

  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection
  • Available for soundproofing systems and radiation protection
  • Suitable for combination with door leaves complying with DIN-Norm or Ö-Norm
  • Can be adapted to comply with the regulations of any country
  • Special sizes supplied as standard
  • Fully welded mitre joints for superior quality

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