Corner frames


In the case of exceptionally wide walls or architectural barriers or simply for aesthetic reasons Wall wrapping frames may often not be suitable. This is why we have devised the model rema CORNER.

Different trusted fixing options allows simultaneous installations with gypsum or concrete walls, as also dowel mounts on existing walls.

rema CORNER frames offer great scope for design covering for all needs. For time and money saving reasons rema CORNER frames are also available with finished powder coated surfaces. This allows to cancel the painting process on site.

  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection
  • Available for soundproofing systems and radiation protection
  • Suitable for combination with door leaves complying with DIN-Norm or Ö-Norm
  • Can be adapted to comply the regulations of any country
  • Special sizes available as standard
  • Fully welded mitre joints for superior quality
  • 1-part or 3-part solution possibile

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