rema was established in 1983. The company started with 9 employees, at the outset, has always specialised in the following areas:

  • Machining of sheet-metal and steel-manufacturing of steel frames and profiles for high quality interior design
  • Woodworking, mass production of beams for USO Trieste and USO Fiume
  • Trade and distribution of wooden floors

A great spirit of innovation and commitment among all the employees have allowed rema to continue to grow and become a leader in their sector, also on an international level, within a matter of just a few years.

As a result of its efficient process of expansion, the company now employs 95 people and has a 26,000m² industrial area, with 11,000 square metres dedicated to state-of-the art manufacturing facilities.

Through continuous technological innovation in terms of manufacturing and product development, rema is able to ride on the crest of constantly changing market conditions. Automated manufacturing processes combined with precision and flexibility have allowed rema to create an extensive range of products and ensures rapid reaction times for customised solutions and delivery deadlines. New ideas, visual appeal and modern design are vital factors for rising to the new challenges of today.

rema has always specialised in the manufacture of steel frames tailored to the special requirements of our customers. We use a vast range of materials, from galvanised steel to stainless steel. Modern and environmentally friendly powder coatings for surface treatment enable us to offer almost infinite combinations of colours.

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